Temple Of Poseidon


Dominating the Athenian skyline, this beautiful, world-renowned monument is dedicated to Goddess Athena, the virgin patron of Athens. The destroying consequences of the Persian campaign at 480 BC, lead Athenians to the desire of constructing a memorable temple in 438 B.C. by Ictinus & Callicrates, under the supervision of Phidias, which is considered to be the most important surviving monument of the ancient world. Parthenon which is the most brilliant construction during the Golden Age (5th BC) of Pericles, stands as an enduring symbol of Ancient Greece & the Athenian Democracy. Its’ metops & pediments representations depict scenes from the Ancient Greek mythology; Parthenon is regarded to be the most eminent landmark of Greek history & culture.

Temple Of Poseidon

The Temple of Poseidon was dedicated to the god of the sea Poseidon. Located at Cape Sounion, in the southeast tip of the Attica peninsula, 45 miles from Athens approachable via a coastal route that resembles the French Riviera, is considered to be constructed at 440 BC. However, prominent personalities of the history, like Homer & Herodotus, are referred to Sounion as a worship place centuries before. Surrounded by the sea at three sides, the Temple observes the Aegean sea discerned in the horizon, as Aegeas did, looking for his son Thisseus, several centuries before, according to mythology. Landmark of the temple is the inscribed name of the romantic poet Lord Byron in the base of the column.


The pass of Thermopylae is the historical site of the battle that took place in 480 B.C. between the Greeks & the Persians. Under the command of King Leonidas of Sparta, the greatly outnumbered Greek army remained in the pass to prevent Xerxes’ vast cavalry & infantry force further invading the land. They held ground for three days before being outflanked via a hidden goat path, which according to legend, was shown to the Persians by a traitor named Ephialtes. However, their feat gave the Greek army enough time to reassemble & successfully combat the Persians in following battles.
The epigram on the monuments reads:
Oh stranger, tell the Lacedaemonians (Spartans), that here we lie, obedient to their words.

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My name is Frank Kotsiopoulos & as the manager of H.P.Tours - Hellenic Private Tours,
I welcome you to Athens - Greece, the land of democracy & philosophy, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, the land of sandy beaches & sunny blue skies surrounded by the blue seawater of the Mediterranean.
It is a privilege to have been born, to have grown up & finally have the opportunity to show you the great beauties of my Greece...


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Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Brief History of Greece.

Greece, officially the Hellenic Republic is a country located in the southeast edge of Europe, at the point where Europe, Asia & Africa meet each other. Greece has land borders with Albania FYROM & Bulgaria to the north & Turkey to the east. Greece encompassed by the Aegean sea in the south, by the Lybean Sea in the south & by the Ionia Sea in the west, which lies up to Italy.

The first evidence of human life in Greece dates back to the Paleolithic period between 120.000 - 10.000 B.C. However, it was not until the Neolithic period dated approximately 7.000 - 3.000 B.C. that Greek civilization grew & flourished. Many remains of settlements & burial chambers of this period have been discovered in Thessaly, Macedonia & the Peloponnese. Ancient Greek authors claim that Pelasgians are the ancestors of Greek. At any case, the immigrant movements, which took place the second millennium B.C, the invasion of the Dorians from the north & the invasion of the Aeolians & Ionians, formed the Greek civilization. The first urban centers appeared during the Bronze Age (3.000 - 1.100 B.C.). Evidence of these has been found all over modern day Greece, in North Eastern Aegean islands, the Cycladic islands, Crete & the Greek mainland.

Classic ancient Greece is considered to be the birthplace, of Democracy, Western philosophy, the Olympic Games, Western literature & historiography, political science, major scientific & mathematical principles, Geography, Biology, university education & Western drama, including both tragedy & comedy. It widely admitted that most of the principles that impregnate current Western societies derive from that culture.

The aftermath of mixing Greek & Roman culture created the Byzantine civilization.

Regarding as starting point the year 330 AC, when Constantine the first transferred the capital of Roman Empire to Byzantium, which later renamed as Constantinople, the Byzantine Empire. Byzantine Empire consolidated its strength for approximately 1000 years, until the Ottomans invasion at 1453.

After 400 years under the ottoman enslavement, the Modern Greek state was established in 1829, following the Greek War of Independence. Nafplion became the first capital of modern Greece from 1829 to 1834 by John Kapodistrias.

Since 1834 Athens is the capital of Greece. Nowadays, being member of all the great alliances, like NATO & EU. Greece is considered to be one of the most important pedestals of stability & safety in the Mediterranean region.

Is there both a driver & a guide?
In Greece like most of the European countries only professional licensed tour guides have the right by law to accompany visitors into the sites.
Your English speaking driver will explain about the ancient monuments that you are about to visit, the ancient history of Greece & interesting facts about historical & modern-day Greece but is not allowed by law to accompany you into the sites.
H.P.Tours cooperates with professional licensed tour guides all over Greece who have the right by law to accompany visitors into the sites.
If you wish to have a professional licensed tour guide, we will help you arrange a professional licensed tour guide to be with you, at an extra cost.

What would be the pickup time?
Our suggestion if possible is to start your tour either at 07:30 am or at 08:00 am.
You will have the added benefit of visiting archaeological sites at different times from the large tour buses & groups of visitors, thus enabling you to experience the wonderful monuments & learn their history at a time of the day when they are not overcrowded.

Do you pick us up & drop us off at our hotel, airport & port?
We pick you up & drop you off wherever requested.

How do we meet our driver?
If you arrive by airplane your driver will meet you upon your arrival at Athens airport at the customs exit holding an H.P.Tours sign with your name on.
If you arrive by a cruise ship or ferry your driver will be waiting you at Piraeus Port at the customs exit holding an H.P.Tours sign with your name on.
If you are staying at a hotel in Athens your driver will meet you at the lobby of your hotel.

How many people can you accommodate?
H.P.Tours business fleet consists of the latest Mercedes Benz vehicles (taxis, minivans, minibuses & buses), that can accommodate from one to fifty passengers.
As comfort & safety are top priorities for H.P.Tours all vehicles are air-conditioned, non-smoking, fully insured, licensed & certified for tourist use by the state authorities.

What is the cost of a private tour or transfer in Athens - Greece?
Our private transfers & tours are flexible, can be adjusted to the customers’ needs & are priced per vehicle used & not per person. Therefore, the cost of a transfer or a tour depends on the type of the vehicle that is going to be used according to the participants of the tour, the pickup & drop off place, the duration of the tour & distance that is required to be covered.

Are the entrance fees & meals costs included in the price?
Entrance fees & meals costs are not included in the price of the chosen tour.

How do we finalize our reservation?
In order to finalize your reservation no deposit is required, you just need to fill in the reservation form, which will be sent to you upon your request. Your credit card details will be used strictly for your reservation.
We will confirm your tour(s) or transfer(s) as soon as we will receive it by sending you a confirmation form & your booking will be finalized.

How do we pay, Visa, MasterCard or cash?
  • The total amount will be paid at the conclusion of your tour or transfer in cash or credit card.
  • Payments via American Express are not acceptable.
  • Payments for licensed tour guide services have to be made in cash (Euros) at the end of the service.
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