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1. Privacy Policy & Cookies Usage
Last Updated : 02-07-2018 Introduction The Greek Travel Agency "Hellenic Private Tours" (hereinafter referred as "H.P.Tours") is committed to compliance with the General Data Protection ...
Created on 01 July 2018
2. Aegina Full Day Tour
... dedicated to a daughter of Zeus, a divinity associated with Artemis who was referred as a patroness of women, is built on the foundations of an earlier 6th century Temple, on the site of a pre-Greek shrine. ...
Created on 20 February 2018
3. Testimonial#127
... legalistic and detailed. Specifically, my wife and I wanted a private or small group tour with a guide who spoke both fluent Greek (we spoke none) and fluent English. We are in our 60s and have some mobility ...
Created on 23 July 2015
4. Terms & Conditions
(Sharing Tours)
... (Acropolis site, Ancient Greek Agora, Temple of Zeus, Roman Agora, Tower of Winds) 5 Euros for the New Acropolis Museum. Children under the age of eighteen (18) do not pay entrance fees. The tour ...
Created on 15 February 2015
5. Semi Private Tours (Athens Full or Half Day) From Cruise Ships
(Sharing Tours)
... to confirm the age. Reduced entrance fee Greek citizens and citizens of other Member - States of the European Union who are over 65 years old, upon presentation of their ID card or passport for verification ...
Created on 24 January 2015
6. Testimonial#125
... famous sunset at Temple of Poseidon, Frank kindly suggested a pick-up time so that we can arrive Sounion on time to see the sunset. On our way from Athens to Sounion, Frank told us a lot about Greek ...
Created on 02 September 2014
7. Testimonial#122
... Chris was a fantastic driver and provided us with great information on the sites we were seeing, as well as various explanations or descriptions of typical Greek life and culture. We selected the full-day ...
Created on 02 September 2014
8. Testimonial#119
... and he was simply great. I would recommend having lunch at their selected restaurant as the Greek food was unbelievable. A big thank you to Frank and Takis Antoine Fava  ...
Created on 01 September 2014
9. Testimonial#112
... facility itself is worth the visit! We even visited a Greek winery with wine tasting. Lot’s of fun! (I noted even though there was much enjoyable wine on offer, Frank stuck to water as he was “working”. ...
Created on 29 August 2014
10. Testimonial#104
... our first afternoon. These small but thoughtful gestures make the difference. Frank was incredibly knowledgeable about Greek history, as well as the ancient sites. He did a great job explaining them ...
Created on 17 June 2014
11. Testimonial#101
“wonderful Athens” My friends and I were on a holiday to Greece and we were really excited to go to Athens We were really interested in Greek history and mythology but there were so many things to see ...
Created on 13 June 2014
12. Testimonial#99
... at the sites before the big tour buses so we were able to avoid the crowds. Frank was friendly and very knowledgeable about Greek and Athens history and provided excellent direction for our tour. He took ...
Created on 23 May 2014
13. Testimonial#95
... the drive. He knows heaps of Greek history, so we felt like we were traveling with a licensed guide. He is always waiting for us in the car very patiently and we were free to explore in our own time at ...
Created on 02 May 2014
14. Testimonial#93
... excellent tour. Frank was extremely professional, attentive, and understanding. He was always there ready to help us, yet uninstrusive. Frank obviously knows Greek history and is an excellent and a very ...
Created on 27 April 2014
15. Testimonial#92
... professional, considerate, informative and attentive. We quizzed him constantly on nearly every Greek related topic imaginable from ancient to modern times and on the few occasions he couldn't answer off ...
Created on 25 April 2014
16. Testimonial#84
... of interest. Our guide was invaluable as she gave us the best lesson in Greek history and archeology! Frank and our personal guide met us at the port of Piraeus as planned exactly on time in a clean and ...
Created on 07 November 2013
17. Testimonial#72
... and even tips in visiting the historical sights. When we asked for a local restaurant recommendation, he brought us to a local taverna (non-touristy, all local patrons) where we had our best greek food ...
Created on 23 September 2013
18. Testimonial#61
... My Mother-in-law is half Greek and my kids had been learning about mythology in school, so we were all really excited to go to Athens. I originally booked a trip with Disney, but wanted something that ...
Created on 04 August 2013
19. Testimonial#60
... excellent guide. He knows English well, is deeply knowledgeable on Greek history and updated us on the difficult present economic and political situation. His enthusiasm is quite infectious. Would we go ...
Created on 04 August 2013
20. Testimonial#52
... Canal, and explained to us its importance. During the drive, he shared with us his knowledge in Greek history, economy, and agriculture. He is a reliable and dependable driver with vast knowledge of ...
Created on 23 July 2013