Athens Half Day Tour

take a look at the marvellous
sites and spots of Athens

Erechtheum , Ερεχθειον

take a look at the marvellous
sites and spots of Athens

How we start our trip!

We will pick you up from your preferred location and drive you back at the end of your tour.
Our suggestion if possible is to start your tour at 08:00 am.
You will have the added benefit of visiting archaeological sites at different times from the large tour buses and groups of visitors, thus enabling you to experience the wonderful monuments and learn their history at a time of the day when they are not overcrowded.

First stop...

The Athens half-day tour starts with a visit to the Acropolis where you will see the Parthenon, the temple on top of the sacred rock devoted to Goddess Athena, the Goddess of wisdom, the Propylaea, the entrance to the sacred rock, the Temple of Wingless Victory which was devoted to Goddess Athena-Nike, the Erechtheum, the most sacred and mythical of all the temples of Athens with its famous Caryatides (female featured statues), the 5000-seat Odeon of Herodes Atticus which was carved into the rock and is still used for music festivals, the 13000-seat theatre of Dionysus where the Athenians listened to the immortal works of Sophocles, Aeschylus, Euripides and Aristophanes.


Parthenon , Παρθενωνας


Temple of Olympian Zeus , Ναος Ολυμπιου Διος

Next stop...

We will continue our tour by visiting the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Panathenaic Stadium (where the Olympic Games were held for the first time in modern Athens in 1896).

Did you know?

The Panathenaic Stadium , also known as the Kalimarmaro , is the only stadium in the world that was built entirely out of marble!

Next stop...

You will also have the chance to see the Greek parliament , the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the changing of the guard!


Then we will drive through University Street that connects Constitution (Syntagma) Square with Concord (Omonia) Square – the second most important square in Athens and see the Academy, the University and the National Library.

Did you know?

The National University of Athens is ranked as the 11th best university in Europe!

Next stop...

We will continue our tour with a drive to Lycabettus Hill. There you will enjoy one of the best panoramic views of Athens.


Our last visit will either be to the oldest part of Athens (the Plaka district), ending at the Athenian ancient Agora or the new Acropolis museum.

The new Acropolis museum is under the south slope of the Acropolis and contains mostly pediment sculpture, reliefs, and statues found on the sacred rock of Acropolis, which formed most of its decoration. Among these statues, the well-known female figures with the characteristic archaic smile called ‘Korai’ such as the Kore of Naxos, the Kore of Chios, and the Kore of Lyons etc.
There are also sphinxes, consecrated reliefs such as that of Athena in Medication and consecrated sculptures such as the Moschoforos (a man who is carrying a calf across his shoulders), the Boy of Kritias Etc.

Entrance fees and lunch costs are not included in the price of the chosen tour.

The duration of the tour is 5 hours.


• For students from E.U (student id is required)
• Free entrance: For children up to 5 years old
• Free entrance: For children up to 25 years old from E.U Countries
• Reduced entrance fee for students outside the E.U
• Reduced entrance fee for children from 6 up to 25 years old outside the E.U
• Reduced entrance fee for citizens over 65 years old from E.U Countries

• 15 Euros for Acropolis,
• 8 Euros for the Temple of Zeus
• 10 Euros for the Acropolis museum
• 30 Euros for multi pass fee (Acropolis, Temple of Zeus, and ancient Athenian Agora)

• Winter: From November 1 to March 31 08:30 until 15:00
• Summer: From April 1 to October 31 08:00 until 19:30
• January 1st: closed
• January 6th: 08:30 until 15:00
• Shrove Monday: 08:30 until 15:00
• March 25th: closed
• Good Friday: 12:00 until 17:00
• Holy Saturday: 08:30 until 15:00
• Easter Sunday: closed
• Easter Monday: closed
• May 1st: closed
• Holy Spirit day: 08:30 until 15:00
• August 15th: 08:30 until 15:00
• October 28th: 08:00 until 15:00
• December 25th: closed
• December 26th: closed